Spectros Instruments specializes in fumigation monitoring for pest control and worker safety monitors for fumigation gases.  Our advanced monitoring utilizes Non-Dispersed Infrared (NDIR) with multiple onboard sensors for real time feedback.  These sensors allow the end-user unmatched confidence that results are correct and verifiable for both static point use or remote web based monitoring .  Other solutions are incorporated where appropriate. 

The benefits of our fumigation monitors include:

  • Easy Set-up and Use
  • Rugged Construction to Military Specifications for Extended Life Use
  • Large Data Capacity with Seamless Transfer to Multiple Platforms (Data Stick, PC, Portable Printer, Spectros Instruments Web Portal)
  • Immunity from Common Contaminant Gases (CO2 etc.)
  • Financial Savings (Optimize Personnel and Minimal Amount of Fumigant for Good Kill)
  • Verifiable Results for Regulatory Compliance
  • Automatic Sampling of Multiple Lines
  • Remote Calibration Verification
  • Modular Components for Easy Service


Spectros Instruments’ Fumigation Monitors (Phosphine, Sulfuryl Fluoride, Methyl Bromide, Ethanedinitrile) are used in the fumigation of:

  • Food/Grains
  • Silos/Warehouses
  • Shipping Containers
  • Vessels and Barges
  • Residential and Commercial Structures
  • Export Wood Packaging ISPM15
  • Animal Feed
  • Buildings of Cultural Significance
  • Tobacco and Other Non-Food Stuff Commerce