Advanced infrared gas monitors for continuous and remote monitoring of fumigant concentrations to validate concentration over time (CxT). Portable and Fixed (NEMA) models.
Spectros Instruments Web Portal is a multi-sensor platform for secure data transmission of fumigation data. Automatically collect, confirm, store and share data on the cloud based platform.
Sensors and sampling systems to confirm that correct exposure levels have been maintained and all individuals remain safe. Remote certification and calibration verification protocols are provided.
Spectros Instruments integrated fumigation analyzers are real-time, continuous process systems for demanding and remote applications. Expanded fumigation gas detection ranges are available. They feature web portal integration for automatic data archival, defined action                                        levels, automatic client notifications and system updates.
Non-contact level measurement, sample conditioning systems, paperless recorders, temperature and relative humidity sensors with multiple transfer options to Web.
Integrated carbon dioxide (CO2), relative humidity (RH) and temperature (T) sensors to identify adverse storage conditions of grains. Automated data transfer to Spectros Instruments Web Portal for status alerts and remediation needs.
Handheld Infrared Analyzer for the identification and quantification of unknown liquids and solids found in Maritime Shipping Containers.